[VGO Holidays] MAPS Ipoh (180330)

Movie and Animation Park Studio Ipoh Perak 



Did you know that MAPS Ipoh is Asia’s First Animation Theme Park built at the cost of RM520 million and with over 40 attractions in 6 thematic zones?
6 attraction zones were Animation Square, Blast Off Zone, Dream Zone, Fantasy Forest Zone, Lakeside Zone and Live Action Zone!

Animation Square


Prepare to smile to the camera and get ready yourself at any time because you would not know when you’re going to bump into one of your favourite characters. BoBoiBoy, Mr.Peabody & Sherman and The Smurfs! BoBoiBoy and friends will be putting on a fantastic performance on the center stage, also you can discover the true superhero within yourself at BoBoiBoy Hero Academy. Furthermore, you can also get to watch and experience with Malaysia TV characters in a new dimension, also known as 4D cinema!


Blast Off Zone

Interactive live shows waiting for you at The Smurfs Theatre and explore The Smurf playground and Smurf car rides for your little ones! If you like adventures, don’t forget to try Bumper Blast, where you can ready, set and smash! Strap yourself in and be ready for a banging good time on the action-filled bumper cars.


Dream Zone

Dive and immerse yourself into your dream world of your favourite animated films and series from both old and new. Zone include The Crood Crazy Chase, Mr Peabody & Sherman's Time Adventure, Dream Theatre, Casper’s Birthday Blast, and Megamind Megadrop Tower.


Fantasy Forest Zone

Kids ages 3 to 12 will be excited to embark on a mystical journey of ancient civilisations in the Cave of Wonders, or marvel at the gravity-defying Upside Down Pyramid.The Adventurers HQ Treehouse provide a platform for your kids to discover knowledge about the universe, or to dive deep into the magical marine-themed Coral Kingdom Indoor Playground.


Lakeside Zone

Taste a spin of your life at Hyperspin or float in the sky at the gravity-defying Asteroid Attack. If these aren't enough for you to satisfy your thirst towards the fear, how about trying your guts at the thrilling Space X-plorers?


Live Action Zone

A Stunt Legend Arena where for you to feel the scent of burning rubber from a legendary car and motorcycle stunt show. Get ready for some thrilling tricks and spectacular action with high-speed chases, high-risk stunts and high-octane drifts that will leave you heart-pumping like after your workout!


It is the time to bring your little ones to start their first adventure with MAPS - Ipoh!


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